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Education and Learning

At Junior Wonders, we provide a learning experience that your child will enjoy by giving your child,

Small class sizes. Individualised attention.

  • Our classes are kept small at a maximum of 6 per group.
  • This translates to individual attention for your child.

Dedicated and Qualified Tutors and Teachers

  • Our tutors and teachers are trained and qualified personnel who truly care for your child’s progress.

Timely Feedback

  • Weekly feedback to parents on child’s progress will be provided by our tutors so that parents can further enhance the learning at home.

Pedagogy of Teaching at Junior Wonders Tuition Centre


  • Our pedagogies of teaching Math have been proven to be effective through the excellent results that our students achieve.
  • Struggling learners will learn enough to improve themselves.
  • Average learners will be pushed to achieve more than what they were at the beginning.
  • Advanced learners will be challenged.


  • Extensive focus on Process Skills and hands on activities to enhance learning.
  • We expose our students to the different types of questions that they will encounter for any given scientific concept that they will learn.
  • We are proud to say that our students love our Science lessons because they do not only learn, they have fun while they are at it.


  • English lessons have a heavy focus on writing.
  • If students are struggling with writing because they need extra help in the areas of grammar and vocabulary, we will take time to revisit these areas.
  • Faster learners within a class will discover new tricks to enhance their writing capabilities while the struggling learners will have the opportunity to brush up on their basics before moving ahead.

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