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FREE 1 to 1 Session For Parents

Dear Parents,

I have been a teacher for over 10 years and the biggest advantage I have is the sound pedagogy that I have developed through many years of hands on experience in helping children improve and excell academically.

I left the teaching service because I wanted to start a tuition centre that would not only improve the grades of students but also, to cultivate a love for learning.

Throughout the years, I have heard many complaints from parents about how difficult it was, for them to help their child out at home, effectively, especially at Math.

I have decided to free up my time, to reach out to parents and conduct FREE 1 to 1 sessions for parents who need help. During these sessions, I will recommend ways and methods parents can adopt to effectively help their child at home.

Just fill in your details below and my team will contact you to make arrangements.

Alternatively, you may watch my 3 FREE videos that I have prepared for most parents. These are common problems faced by most P5-P6 students, solved easily, in a step by step instructional video.

To get your free video, click here. If the link is not working, try this link : to redeem your FREE videos and appointment.

For more information, fill in the inquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.Alternatively, you can call us at 97847686

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